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Het derde studioalbum Sinners Never Sleep (2011) leverde de band verscheidene hitlijstnoteringen op, ze verkochten de Wembley Arena in Londen uit en speelden vorig jaar op Warped Tour in de VS. De Britten van You Me At Six zijn niet te stoppen. Begin deze maand kwam hun single Lived A Lie uit en het nieuwe album staat gepland voor begin 2014. Bassist Matt Barnes sprak over de nieuwe plaat en de toekomst van You Me At Six.

The title of your new album is Cavalier Youth. Why did you choose this title and what does it mean to you?

What it actually means is carefree youth. We always felt we were carefree growing up and you should have a carefree youth. You should live life to the fullest. So, we don’t want to get deep on the name, but we thought ‘cavalier’ sounded cool so we decided it was a cool name for it.

Your last album, Sinners Never Sleep had a very dark atmosphere to it. Is this also what you’re going for with the new album?

No, I don’t think so. Mainly the reason that Sinners Never Sleep had a dark atmosphere was because Josh, our singer, who was writing the lyrics was in a dark phase. He was in between relationships. It sounds corny, but that was his headspace. But now, we’re all a lot happier. So all these [new] songs are about having a good time and that’s why we wanted to call the album something with carefree. It’s not as dark as Sinners Never Sleep and we wanted to keep it all a bit more up-tempo. There’s still some darker songs on there, but no real heavy songs like Bite My Tongue.

Where did you draw inspiration from for Cavalier Youth?

We’ve been listening to a lot of different stuff recently. We’ve been listening to Kings of Leon, The Temper Trap, CHVRCHES. All these sort of different, grown-up rock bands. I think we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from those and sort of left behind our pop punk roots. Not completely left behind, but trying to go a new direction. I think the songs are sounding great and I’m excited for everyone else to hear it and see what they think.

You’ve had guest vocals from Oliver Sykes and Winston McCall. Are there going to be any guest vocals on the new record?

There are not. We wrote two heavy songs and we’ve got so many friends in heavy bands that we love, like Bring Me The Horizon and Parkway [Drive] that it would be fun. We’d never get a chance to write with these guys otherwise. So we were like: let’s do it. Now we’ve done that, it’s just us: straight-up You Me At Six.

What was it like working with Neil Avron (New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park) and what approach did you take?

Neil is, I reckon, the nicest producer I’ve ever met in my life. He is the most down-to-earth guy. He’ll never put you down or anything. You need to get along with him, because if you spend time with someone you don’t want to record with, the album will turn out not particularly how you want it to. I think it’s the best we’ve ever sounded as a band. I’m really pleased. He actually wanted to work with. We were really excited that Neil wanted to work with You Me At Six.

What does the future of You Me At Six look like?

It’s looking very good. The reception of our single in the UK alone. It got to #11 in the official single charts. We were the only rock band in the top 20. Everything else around us was electronic music, pop music. Hopefully our second single will get a little bit higher and by the time the album comes out, a lot more people will have heard about us and we’ll be a bigger band than we’ve been with Sinners [Never Sleep]. The future’s looking good for us.

So you’re trying to get guitars back on the radio?

Yes, that’s the thing. I do love electronic music. We went out to see deadmau5 recently. He’s like super house. We love every type of music, but I don’t think there’s enough rock music on the radio. Like Fall Out Boy said it’s about bringing it back. When was the last time you heard a good guitar on the radio? There’s a radio station in the UK that mainly plays pop and when our single got to #11, they played our song and sandwiched between Swedish House Maffia and Rihanna it was our little band from Surrey with our guitars. It was like, oh here we go, it’s looking good. Rock music still is alive.

You Me At Six staat 12 november in het voorprogramma van Thirty Seconds To Mars in de Ziggo Dome. Een dag eerder staat de band in de Lotto Arena te Antwerpen.

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